Some old Army pics

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MOPP Level 2

MOPP - Mission Oriented Protective Posture

Chemical Warfare - standing in front of M931A2 5-ton trucks - part-time six-wheel drive, Cummins turbo-diesel engines, 500 pound tires

MOPP Level 4

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Kings of the Hill

DDRE - Pennsylvania

1993 - Hauling a bunch of 'junk' for the state of Oklahoma

Rambo wanna-be's...

Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas

I got poison ivy the day before we left for summer camp, it was over 95 degrees everday, and we could hear artillery shells passing overhead every afternoon from the nearby Artillery training company.

Five-star dining compliments of Uncle Sam

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Final AIT - FTX - 1991

US Army Helicopter over Ft. Chaffee

Final FTX at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

FTX - Field Training Exercise

FTX - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Battle Buddy - Rob Danielle

Intense sleep training on FTX

Notice the trench around the tent for water dispersion.