Trip to Melbourne, Australia - January 2005

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Tuesday - Friday, January 11-14

Ted and Marge at the OKC Airport

Destinations from the LAX international terminal. This place was a zoo. I regret not taking a picture of the enormous crowds and long lines!

Ted/Marge enjoying 2 in 3 seating.

Ted enjoying his 9+ hours of sleeping on the flight over!

Are we there yet?!

First sight of land!! Only two hours to go!

The big bird that safely delivered us.

Tsunami relief sign

Completing our entry cards.

Burger King wannabe

Enjoying some tasty "Burger with the Lot", fish-and-chips, flake, and potato cakes

Melbourne skyline over the Yarra river

Greeting dinner while it's still living

Bridge over the Yarra

New hotel and casino on the Yarra

Lefty and Righty - due to water restrictions they have two flush options depending on how much water you need to complete the job

St. Kilda beach and yacht club

St. Kilda

Ted and Marge on the St. Kilda pier

St. Kilda beach

Some ugly blokes waiting for dinner on the Yarra

Nice sunset pic taken by Ted at the St. Kilda beach

Saturday, January 15

Black Spur Rain Forest

Downtown Melbourne in front of hotel

About an hour north of Melbourne

It was both cold AND wet the whole day we were at the sanctuary

Tree hugging in Australia

Black Spur Rain Forest

It's a Wallabee

One of the fierce animals from the sanctuary latched onto my back. I couldn't shake him off no matter what I tried.

Mamma and baby Koalas

View of Melbourne from the Veterans Memorial at town of Kangaroo Ground

Melbourne from about 30 miles away

Veterans Memorial at Kangaroo Ground

Watch out for WILDLIFE!

A new friend...

Distant view of Melbourne

OSHA approved stairs at the top of the Kangaroo Ground Veterans Memorial

We had some VERY tasty Chinese food that evening.


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